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Identity theft has many names, targets and methods

Phishing – is a method of obtaining personal information by some form of social engineering. It is one of the most effective means of compromising a person or company’s accounts. Phishers, attempt to convince people to click on a link or disclose personal information by tricking them into thinking they are doing something necessary and legitimate.

Spear Phishing – target specific groups. Spear phishing attempts are more sophisticated, using targeted and relevant details to trick victims.

Whaling – is phishing aimed at senior management or other high-value targets of an organization.

Smishing – uses SMS or text messages sent to mobile devices as the medium for the phishing attack

Vishing – uses voice communications as the means of an attack. These attacks can use Voice over IP (VOIP) and/or spoofed call – ID to aid in the scam.

Tabanabbing – opens new browser tabs that look similar to sites that were already open. These tabs quietly redirect the victim to a phishing site behind the scenes. Many users don’t notice the change and click or login to the phishing site.

Evil Twin – creates a fake wireless hotspot and collects personal data from everyone who connects to it. This type of phishing attack is most popular in airports, hotels, coffee shops, etc.

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